Magnapower offer a range of Drum Magnets designed to continuously remove ferrous metals from non-magnetic material that is fed to the surface of the magnetic drum. We are able to specify and design a drum magnet suit your separation requirement, feed width, product size and throughput.

Magnet System

High performance magnet design to suit your application (ferrite, rare earth or electro drum magnets  can be offered) to provide the most effective and efficient method of metal recovery.

Permanent Drum Magnet

  • High Intensity Permanent Magnet System (guaranteed non-deteriorating) that is
    suitable for most applications
  • Ferrite and Rare Earth magnet systems offered
  • Wear resistant non-magnetic drum skin
  • High permeability iron circuit to minimise stray magnetic fields in shaft and
    bearings thus prolonging their life
  • Can be supplied as a drum only or optional extras include a drum frame, chutes
    and a geared motor
  • Drum Magnets are also available with full enclosures


Electro Magnetic Drum – The Frag Drum

Electro magnetic drums are used in larger scale applications such as car shredding and ELV plants. The Magnapower Electromagnetic Drum Separator is designed for maximum efficiency and a long, trouble free working life, with minimum maintenance requirements. Magnapower can provide a high performance electro magnet designed to suit your application to provide the most effective and efficient method of metal recovery. Aluminium wound ducted magnet coil to maximise the performance of the unit for arduous applications.

  • Supplied with base frame and geared motor if required
  • Complete with Oil Cooled Transformer Rectifier
  • Wear resistant non-magnetic drum skin. Typically work hardening manganese steel
  • High quality bearings – larger drums will have split Cooper bearings


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