In addition to the high frequency ECS units Magnapower have designed a low cost ECCS (Eddy Current Can Separator) for Aluminium Can Recycling. The rotor is a more economical design as smaller forces are required to separate the aluminium cans. They are however built using the same high intensity non-deteriorating permanent magnets with an optimised design for separation of Aluminium cans.

We recommend the removal of steel before reaching the ECCS for continuous trouble free operation.

Features of the Magnapower ECCS include:
  • Low cost rotor with an optimised design to separate aluminium cans
  • High powered Rare Earth Neodymium (non-deteriorating) magnet system
  • Cantilevered frame to allow a single piece belt change within approximately one hour
  • Motorized drive drum with internal bearings to prevent material trapping / damage
  • Control panel included.
  • Splitter hood available if required (not always necessary)
  • Sealed belt / frame arrangement to prevent ingress of material
  • Belt tensioning pulley designed for easy belt replacement and tensioning.
  • Units can be built to suit most height requirements