Fine Ferrous and Tramp Iron Removal Systems

Magnapower have produced a range of magnets specifically designed for metal removal within the Food Industry. Metal Contaminants in product produced in the food industry result in costly product recalls, loss of customer confidence and manufacturer reputation. Typical Separation Equipment for this Application


The MAGNAGRID is designed for easy installation into hoppers, chutes, ducts, bins etc. material passes over the permanent magnetic tubes and ferrous contaminants are held firmly in place allowing the clean material to flow freely past the grid.

Maintenance simply requires periodic removal of the grid to wipe it clean before replacing it.


Slimeline Magnadrawer The MAGNADRAWER can fit into a system and can be easily cleaned where a Magnagrid would be inaccessible. The magnetic grid within the drawer removes ferrous contamination in the same way as the Magnagrid

To clean the contaminants from the grid the drawer is opened, the grid wiped clean and then the drawer closed.


Magnacone The MAGNACONE is designed for installation into gravity fed or pneumatic pipeline systems. Material passes into the Magnacone chamber and the combination of cone and diverter direct the material over the high intensity magnetic poles. This allows the clean product to flow freely from the chamber. The Magnacone is attached to the chamber door which is easily opened with quick release catches. This enables simple cleaning of the magnet thus minimising any interruptions to production.


Magnaplate The MAGNAPLATE can be positioned either above a chute/conveyor or within a sloping chute. Ferrous contamination is attracted to the face of the magnet and held in position allowing clean material to flow away from the plate. Maintenance of the Magnaplate above a chute/conveyor requires the wiping of the face of the magnet clean (an optional cleaning tray is available). When positioning below a chute, the Magnaplate is hinged so that the working face can be exposed for cleaning.


Ferrous Trap The MAGNAPOWER FERROUS TRAP provides an efficient method of removing ferrous contaminants from liquid products. Liquid passing through the Ferrous Trap reaches a high intensity magnetic field. Any ferrous particles are held in position allowing the clean product to flow freely from the chamber.

The magnetic field is provided by a series of high intensity tube magnets. These are fitted to the lid which is easily opened with the quick release vee-clamp. The magnets can then be wiped clean of contaminants and replaced in the chamber.


Magnapower Service and Quality

All Magnapower equipment is designed and built to the highest standards. Equipment is provided in a range of standard sizes or can be built to individual requirements.

All magnet systems are from non-deteriorating permanent magnets and the materials used are designed to give a prolonged working life in the most difficult conditions.

For the removal of fine iron particles and weakly magnetic material, high intensity rare earth magnets are required. Standard stength strontium ferrite permanent magnets are recommended for general tramp iron removal.

We pride ourselves on offering a complete service from plant design through to final commissioning. Our equipment is proven to be highly efficient and reliable in the most arduous of industry applications. We are confident that we will be able to provide a cost effective reliable solution to your metal extraction requirements.

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