We offer a wide range of high performance magnetic separation plant and bespoke separation plant for the recycling industry. At the heart of any material recycling plant are its separators. Our detailed experience of recommending, designing and installing material separators into recycling plant allows us to provide complete separation plant with exceptional levels of material recovery.

We also recognise the vital role of material handling and sizing to achieve these excellent levels of separation and material recovery rates. Our range of equipment varies from individual food / drink can recycling plants to larger dual stream material recycling facilities.

Magnapower separation plant can offer high levels of separation of the following materials:
  • Glass: broken and complete in separate fractions. This maximises the return on glass as unbroken and larger glass can be used for remelt rather than the smaller broken glass being used as aggregate.
  • Plastics: automatically separated followed by minimal manual checking allows for a very high quality mixed plastic product.
  • Steel: our vast experience of steel separation means that the plant is designed so that these separators are appropriately positioned to achieve maximum levels of clean separation efficiency
  • Non-ferrous metal (typically aluminium UBC): again, our experience in this area allows us to design the plant to ensure these high value materials are recovered at consistently high rates and in a position that provides maximum equipment durability and hence reliability.

This equipment can then be incorporated with baling equipment to provide a complete turnkey solution to your separation plant requirements. Please contact us to find out more.